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Click on Works for Larger Images. Please contact us for availablity.              *NA - Not Available     * PC - Private Collection
Heartfelt 36"x48"                                Stained Glass 36"x48"                        My Brush With The Lord 36"x48"       Nebula Eloihim 36"x48"
Our Shrinking World 18"x24" NA       Garden Blossoms 36"x48"                  Spinach Nebula 30"x30" PC               Garden Variety Headache 36"x48"
Tetelestai 36"x48"                              Monarchy & The Mountain 36"x48"    Gulf Warrior 36"x48" NA                      Lock and Key 36"x48"
Discipleship 48"x36"                                              The Fall Before Us 48"x36"                                   Atlas Oiled 48"x36
Gulf Orchid 36"x48" NA                      Bamboo 36"x48"                                 Sgt. Tillman's Tears 36"x48"               Careless Bather 36"x48" 
Enraptured 26"x12"                                                       Blindsighted Dangers 12"x12"  PC   Reaping 48"x36"
Idol Warships "36x48"                        Petrified "36x48"                                144000 "36x48"                                  Divide and Conquer "36x48"
3 Kings 12"x12" NA                            The Barrier 26"x12" PC                                                         Portal 48"x36"
Worldwise 236"x48" PC                                              Baliboo 24"x12" PC
Opal's Pearl 48"x36"                                              Eel Net 12"x12" NA
The Violence of Enlightenment 36x48           Creation Warrior 30"x30" NA
Cherubim 48"x36"                                                      Sunskin 12"x12" PC                                  Anomaly 48"x36" NA
Commissioned Chandelier Works NA

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